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Union postpones election at Boeing South Carolina plant (Read More…)

April 17, 2015

The union trying to organize Boeing Co’s South Carolina plant withdrew its petition for an April 22 election, citing “a toxic environment and gross violations of workers’ lawful organizing rights.”

The decision, which delays the date for an election by at least six months, was made after organizers for the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers conducted home visits with more than 1,700 Boeing workers, the union said in a statement on Friday.

The IAM said it withdrew its petition for the vote after two organizers “were threatened at gunpoint” during home visits that began last week. Other organizers reported “hostile and near-violent confrontations,” it said.

About 125 IAM representatives from around the country were conducting the home visits, the union said, adding that it had filed unfair labor practice charges in relation to the organizing drive.

NLRB Rolls Out Ambush Elections Regs at SEIU HQ (Read More…)

Top labor arbiter debuts public presentation

BY: Bill McMorris  
March 31, 2015

The National Labor Relations Board conducted a training seminar for its new union election rules at a New York City union office and is moving forward despite opposition from lawmakers and employers.

The NLRB, the federal government’s top labor arbiter, is distributing training materials to its regional offices, which oversee local elections. The board delivered a PowerPoint presentation on the so-called ambush election rules at the Service Employees International Union’s New York City headquarters on Thursday.

The training was conducted by three regional directors at the “Offices of 32BJ SEIU,” according to a notice posted on the NLRB website.

“We encourage you to attend and network with your colleagues,” the agency website says.

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