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Boeing issues 266 layoff notices (Read More…)

By John Gillie
September 25, 2013

Boeing continued its periodic layoff activities this week, issuing notices to 266 workers who will be laid off in late November if they don’t find another job within the company.

The notices were part of a plan the company announced earlier this year to prune its local workforces of employees hired when the aerospace company was scrambling to fix issues with its tardy 787 and 747-8 aircraft.

Delivery of those planes was years behind schedule because of production and outsourcing glitches.

The company said earlier this year that it will have reduced its workforce by some 1,500 workers in Washington by the end of the year.

The workers receiving the notices this week and last were a combination of production workers, engineers and technical workers.
Meanwhile, the company told engineers whose job is designing interiors for its commercial aircraft that their ranks may be reduced this year through attrition, retirements and layoffs.

Boeing employed 84,442 workers in Washington at the end of August. That’s down from 86,397 the company had on its Washington payrolls at the end of January.
The layoffs announced this month may be the last for the year; the company doesn’t often announce layoffs that will be effective during the Christmas holidays.


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