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New national “super union” for RNs chooses name, plans founding convention

Leaders of three major U.S. nurses’ organizations, including the Oakland-based California Nurses Association, said earlier this week that they’ve picked a name for their proposed new 150,000-RN merged entity: National Nurses United.

The three merging organizations—the 86,000-member CNA/National Nurses Organizing Committee, Maryland-based United American Nurses and Massachusetts Nurses Association—said they plan to hold a “founding convention” for the new national union Dec. 7-8 in Scottsdale, Ariz.

In mid-February, the three organizations announced plans to merge and become an AFL-CIO affiliate. The new organization’s initial—and admittedly unwieldy—proposed name was the United American Nurses-National Nurses Organizing Committee, the groups said Feb. 18.

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