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‘Disloyal’ Jimmy John’s Workers Lost their Protections (Read More…)

July 7, 2017

A federal appeals court ruled in favor of MikLin Enterprises, a franchisee of 10 Jimmy John’s shops in Minnesota, saying employees there were “so disloyal” they were not covered by labor rules protecting unionization activity.

Pro-union workers had illustrated their opposition to the sandwich shops’ sick leave policy (or lack thereof) by putting up provocative posters in 2011 that purported to show one sandwich made by a healthy worker and one by a sick one. “Can’t tell the difference? That’s too bad because Jimmy John’s workers don’t get paid sick pay,” the poster said.

In the ruling filed July 3, the court said workers’ comments aren’t protected by labor law when they are a “sharp, public, disparaging attack upon the quality of the company’s product and its business policies.” The court “declines to enforce the determination that MikLin violated the act by disciplining and discharging those employees and by soliciting removal of the unprotected posters.”

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