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Communicating in a Changing Workplace

Navigating the media minefield

What do you do when "no comment" is the worst thing to say? When the winds of change hit your organization, how much information do you share with the media, and why?

The risk of a difficult employee relations or organizational challenge making embarrassing news headlines is among the more vexing problems for businesses and corporations to manage. Often, companies are unfamiliar with the pitfalls of navigating what can become a bad news media minefield.

Cruz & Associates provides objective strategic media and community relations counsel based upon years of experience successfully advising clients in labor relations and organizational change crisis situations. We both help our clients avoid the pitfalls of dealing with the media and counsel them on protecting their brands and reputations in all of their stakeholder communications.

Our business is based on effective change communications. We can help you manage yours.

Union Avoidance

Preserving a Union Free Work Place

A union free work place is earned by employers who create an environment that encourages growth, understanding and respect. This employer works hard to rise above the acrimony that makes union organizing, worker unrest, and negative public relations become unwanted disruptions to a harmonious and productive workplace.

Occasionally, even the most well-intentioned employer will have challenges with employee/labor relations challenges. Sometimes the first hint that something is wrong is when organizing cards are circulated, or when a union files an election petition with the National Labor Relations Board. Often, these activities will be coupled with an embarrassing negative public relations campaign.

Cruz & Associates has the resources, skills and experience to produce winning results in the face of virtually any union challenge. We have developed proven best practices for responding to the most sophisticated tactics of modern labor organizers.

We understand that the first steps toward reconnecting a workforce are restoring trust and open communications between employer, employee and other stakeholders, and we are skilled at achieving this goal within the context of national and state labor relations laws.

Just as important, we recognize the damage which can be done to a company’s reputation, brand and stakeholder relations by unfounded negative allegations in the media and other public forums. Our professional expertise includes successfully creating targeted, effective internal and external communications campaigns to counteract such threats.

Cruz & Associates’ unmatched winning track record in workplace campaigns is evidence of our effectiveness in preserving both the employer’s and employee’s rights to a union-free workplace. It also demonstrates a less obvious accomplishment.

In the world of employee relations and human resources communication, there is no better measure that the goals of the organization and the workforce are aligned than a secret ballot vote of confidence by the employees. Time and again, we have demonstrated this bottom line measure of effectiveness.


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